First Day hikes have become a traditional way to rejuvenate and detox in the outdoors on January 1st! Visit a park near you for their "First Day" hike or ski or snowshoe!
The National Bird Day is a terrific opportunity to be outside viewing wildlife with better visibility as the leaves are now gone from the trees. Check out our Calendar for winter activities offered by our Community Partners.
We have beautiful conditions for x-c in some parts of the state! Peace and tranquility abound in parks and forests. Trip leaders take the worry out of where to go. In addition to the obvious fitness benefits, cross-country skiing is an excellent way to observe nature and makes a great family activity.
During winter, take appropriate steps to stay safe and healthy when spending time outside. Layer your clothing and always wear a hat, scarf, and gloves to help retain body heat. Drink plenty of warm fluids and take frequent breaks from the cold. Check out our calendar for a list of winter activities near you!
We're finally getting some snow so have fun with it! Don't let deep snow hold you back from your winter treks. Snowshoes make it easy to traverse the powder, walking or running. Some programs even teach you how to make your own snow shoes!

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Why Get Outdoors PA?

Did you ever try xc skiing, snowshoeing or ice fishing?  Get Outdoors PA is a way for your whole family to learn or advance these recreation activities through active, outside, fun  programs. Visit our calendar!   And now, GOPA is taking an active role in educating on getting outdoors and the caution of tick-born illness. Click on the brochure for more info!





Rail-Trail Council of NEPA hosts events to get outside in 2017!


The Rail-Trail Council of NEPA rolls into 2017 with one of the trail events discovering all that we can discover along a rail-trail in the winter in NE PA.  It's your choice whether you use your feet, skis or showshoes.  No matter what you are moving and appreciating beautiful winter sites!


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