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Forest Bathing Webinar Coming Soon

I have special memories with nature from my childhood. From time spent in the forest and time spent at the ocean, I was an avid hiker until I was bitten by a tick and became very sick and my body pain-ridden. Through this, if I could make it to the trail and walk slow, I would feel better. The forest heals. I became the sweep on guided hikes and learned to love the slowing down as I walked. So much to be aware of. I read Amos Clifford’s book on Forest Bathing and felt like it was made for me. I went to a week immersion with Nature and Forest Therapy Guides to learn to be a guide. Followed by 6 months of intense practicum training. To lead others on Forest Bathing walks is a real “arrow to my heart”, not because I am leading, but to share this passion so that others may become comfortable with the “other than human world” and form a partnership with all the Forest can give us, and we too give back. In Nature and Forest Therapy I am the GUIDE and the FOREST is the Therapist. I am amazed at how much I learn each time I guide a walk. My connection to the Forest, and the more than human world, touches me deeply
So what exactly is FOREST BATHING

Let me say first and foremost it is not going into the Forest in your bathing suit!

It is moving through the Forest very slowly and bathing yourself in the gifts the Forest shares with us.

It has long been known that time spent in the forest is healing. In the 1980s the Japanese medical field noticed an increase in illness among the Japanese. There were more autoimmune diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, and more. They discovered by giving patients prescriptions to go out 3 times each week and spend 30 minutes walking in the forest. They noticed healing effects. The Japanese took it further by setting up monitoring stations to check blood pressure, oxygen levels, and brain function along the way.

The Forest Bathing I lead does not do any of that. It is a given that the forest is a healer. What we do on a Forest Walk is simply slow down from our normally hectic world. We cover less than a 1/4 mile to half-mile and the walk can last 2-3 hours.

There is a Standard Sequence that I use on all forest walks.
This consists of
-Introduction to each other and the forest
-Pleasure of Presence—bringing awareness to all our senses
-What’s in Motion—noticing movements around you
-Invitations (1-3) These are invitations that help you connect to Forest
-Tea Ceremony

The VIRTUAL WALK, while not the best way to experience the Forest, but will give a sense of what it is all about.

Some of you may be outside..good
Some may be inside, hopefully by a window with a plant by your side.
The most important thing for you to do is to clear your mind of today’s clutter and listen to my prompts with an open mind.
This will be a somewhat imaginal walk since we are not using our feet!
But it should help all of you get to know a little more about Forest Bathing.

Join us and learn more on this virtual walk on May 25 at noon!

Michele Burton
ANFT Certified Guide

Our task is to widen our circle of compassion to embrace all living beings & all of nature. Albert Einstein

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Forest Bathing Webinar Coming Soon