December snow storms mean great things for winter outdoor recreation! Visit our calendar and see what is happening in your neighborhood!
Remember to wear bright orange while hiking during hunting season, now that they are in full swing. It is a great time of year to make memories outdoors with family and friends.
The Christmas Bird Count is a terrific opportunity to be outside viewing wildlife with better visibility as the leaves are now gone from the trees. Check out our Calendar for winter activities offered by our Community Partners.
During winter, take appropriate steps to stay safe and healthy when spending time outside. Layer your clothing and always wear a hat, scarf, and gloves to help retain body heat. Drink plenty of warm fluids and take frequent breaks from the cold. Check out our calendar for a list of winter activities near you!

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Why Get Outdoors PA?

Did you ever try fishing, target shooting or  kayacking?  Get Outdoors PA is a way for your whole family to learn or advance these recreation activities through active, outside, fun  programs. Visit our calendar!   And now, GOPA is taking an active role in educating on getting outdoors and the caution of tick-born illness. Click on the brochure for more info!





The Land Conservancy for Southern Chester Cty is ready for winter!


The Conservancy has been working to preserve open space and promote stewardship of our lands since the mid 90's.  They are offering some fun seasonal activities this winter so keep watching the calendar so you don't miss them! Happy holiday season!


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