2021 Get Outdoor PA Mini-Grants

The mini-grant program is administered by the Pennsylvania Recreation and Park Society, Inc. and is funded in part by a grant from the Environmental Stewardship Fund under the administration of the Pennsylvania Department of Natural Resources, Bureau of Recreation and Conservation.

About the Get Outdoors PA Mini-Grant Program

The purpose of the Get Outdoors PA Mini-Grant program is to provide Get Outdoors PA Community Partners with additional tools, specifically training and equipment, for implementing quality Get Outdoors PA programs and consequently, to amplify the program’s benefit.

2021 Eligible Applicants

  • Community Partners approved in 2020 or earlier (501c3 non-profits or local government entities)
    • Community Partners cannot apply for a mini-grant if they already have an open Get Outdoors PA Mini-Grant.
    • Applicants may receive only one grant per grant round, so submitting multiple applications is not encouraged.

Eligible Projects

  • The mini-grants fund equipment and training related to Get Outdoors PA activities.
    • Funded equipment must be housed with the grantee and cannot be used as rental equipment.
    • Funding for training includes the registration costs of training as well as travel costs for the training.

Ineligible Projects

Ineligible projects include but are not limited to the following:

  • Indoor classroom only projects
  • Facility construction projects
  • Landscaping
  • Ropes/challenge course programs
  • Sports programs such as baseball, basketball, and soccer
  • Staff time while at training
  • Storage unit fees
  • Boat/Fishing licenses
  • Materials used to host training

2021 Grant Amount

  • Mini-grants provide up to 50% of the costs associated with the total eligible training and/or equipment purchase, but may not exceed $3,000. Grantees are responsible for the remaining costs of at least 50% or more of the total costs.
    • Match must be cash, in-kind match is ineligible
    • Unused funds cannot be rolled over or re-allocated, therefore, grant applicants are encouraged to request only what they need.
    • Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources grants cannot be used as the match for Get Outdoors PA Mini-Grants.
  • Monies are distributed as mini-grants on a reimbursement basis

2020 Timeline

Grant cycle opens

January 4, 2021

Applications due electronically

February 26, 2021

Award notifications

April 2021

Final reports due

December 31, 2021

Requirements for Funded Applications

  • Signed sub-contract
  • Comprehensive final report including reimbursement requests

Funded applicants must use their purchased equipment and/or apply their new training skills during the calendar year in which they receive the grant. If there is a conflict with this requirement it may be discussed with the Pennsylvania Recreation and Park Society.

  • Including the Get Outdoors PA logo on marketing materials.
  • Including a Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources funding citation on any materials created for advertising and/or reporting on the grant award
  • Auditable proof of applicant contribution (matching funds)

Application Evaluation

  • Eligible and complete applications submitted by the deadline are grouped together and reviewed by Get Outdoors PA Flagship Partners using the basic criteria to determine if the project meets the mission and goals of the Get Outdoors PA program.

2021 Get Outdoors PA Mini-Grant
Application Components

Step One: Complete Cover Summary

  1. Applying Organization Information
  2. Project Director Information
  3. Activity Area
  4. Project Title
  5. Project Summary
  6. Funding
  7. Grant Linkage
  8. Certification Signature

Step Two: Complete Project Narrative

A clear, one-page description of your proposed project, including the following:

  • Applying organization’s mission statement
  • Details on the Get Outdoors PA program to be delivered, including the environmental stewardship message or healthy living message to be communicated to participants
  • Details on the equipment and/or training requested and why it is necessary for the program
  • Timeline for the purchase of the equipment and/or attendance at training and Get Outdoors PA program’s execution

Step Three: Complete Budget Sheet

A breakdown of the proposed project’s costs; the applicant should conduct product price and quality research in determining the equipment to be purchased.

Step Four: Submit Application

A copy of the application must be submitted electronically and one hard copy of the cover summary with a certifying signature must be mailed.

Download Mini-Grant Manual Download Mini-Grant Application




Niki Tourscher
Director of Training and Get Outdoors PA
Pennsylvania Recreation and Park Society, Inc.
[email protected]