3.15.19 |Community Partners

Statewide Tick Surveillance

DEP announced yesterday a five-year study to assess risk of tickborne illnesses in Pennsylvania, which started in July 2018. Funding for the project is provided by the PA Department of Health.

“Lyme disease affects thousands of Pennsylvanians every year, but ticks are also known to carry other pathogens that could infect humans. This survey will provide important data that will help us better understand these arachnids in our environment and inform Pennsylvanians on how, when and where to avoid getting bitten by a disease-carrying tick,” said DEP Secretary Patrick McDonnell. “We want everyone to enjoy the outdoors and take the proper precautions to avoid contact with ticks, and we are proud to support the Lyme Disease Task Force’s efforts to protect Pennsylvanians.”

Read more about the new initiative here.

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Statewide Tick Surveillance