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4. Programs - In this section, tell us about each GOPA program that you offer currently or propose to offer. You will be prompted to repeat these steps for each program. 
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Cross-country skiing
Fishing (Spinning Tackle, Fly, Ice)
Nature Photography
Wilderness Survival and outdoor ethics
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Teach an activity to beginners
Teach additional skills for an activity
Expose visitors to our park, water resource or natural land
Increase visibility for the applicant
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Meet a need requested by the public
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The Community Partner Pledge is a commitment to:

  • Participate in an online training to learn how Get Outdoors PA works, be introduced to the website, and understand how to select or develop an outdoor program to be offered to the public;
  • Involve new partners, like a local outfitter or restaurant, from the community in the development and implementation of the program;
  • Connect local residents and visitors to all abilities with nature;
  • Actively advertise its own Get Outdoors PA program(s) through community channels using the Get Outdoors PA brand in addition to the Partner’s brand;
  • Complete annual Get Outdoors PA Progress Report online which summarizes information on events held and helps to evaluate the progress of the Partner and effectiveness of Get Outdoors PA.