Cross-Country Skiing

Swish…swish…across the snow with such grace… cross country skiing is the perfect way to experience the great outdoors when there is a measure of snow on the ground and it is difficult to hike.  All you need are cross country skis, boots and poles, and you can rent those if you are a beginner.  You can learn techniques to glide on the flats, conquer the downhills or side step back up a hill.  What better a way to exercise, enjoy the peace of a snowfall and possibly even observe some wildlife!  

Activity Description

Cross Country Skiing at a moderate pace for 30 minutes burns approximately 272 calories.

Additional Resources

Follow these links to gather more information on cross-country skiing. They may or may not be directly affiliated with Get Outdoors PA.

Cross Country Ski Areas Association  
Pennsylvania Cross Country Ski Association  
Cross Country Ski PA  
PA Wilds  

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