Bird and Wildlife Viewing

Wildlife viewing includes the study, observation and conservation of wildlife and their natural environment and birding is a more specific form of viewing.  There may be opportunities to identify these creatures by silhouette, field marks, posture, size, flight pattern or habitat.  Hearing their songs and sounds is also a possibility!  Wildlife viewing is a skill that people of any age can take back to their city or country homes and use, as they are found anywhere in Pennsylvania.  Collect your camera, binoculars and hiking shoes and get out there and find some of our fine feathered or furry friends!

Activity Description

Hiking while looking for wildlife for 30 minutes burns approximately 204 calories.

Additional Resources

Follow these links to gather more information on wildlife viewing and bird watching. They may or may not be directly affiliated with Get Outdoors PA.

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology




National Audubon Society


PA Birding and Wildlife Guide


Pennsylvania Game Commission - Wildlife in PA


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Full Moon Owl Prowl
Lancaster County Central Park - Environmental Center
Join Naturalist Lisa J. Sanchez for a hooting time listening for owls outside under the full moon


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