Riding a bicycle can be for recreation, fitness or as a form of transportation.  It can occur on roadways, hard paths, rail-trails or rugged trails on forested or mountainous land.  The type of bike you use will depend on the type of surface you will be riding, but a helmet is always a must!  Tag-along bikes and trailers are a possibility for young children to be part of their parent’s fun.  Families can ride together, couples can ride side- by-side, or an independent person can strike out on his/her own.  The point is to get outside, get sweaty and enjoy the scenery! Get Outdoors PA biking events vary and offer opportunities for all types of bike riding. 

Activity Description

Light biking for 30 minutes burns approximately 204 calories. 

Additional Resources

Follow these links to gather more information on biking. They may or may not be directly affiliated with Get Outdoors PA.

PennDOT Ride a Bike Resources  
PA Trail Resources  
Adventure Cycling Association  
Road Bike Safety  
Bicycle Safety Guide  

 PA Interscholastic Cycling League




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Bordner Cabin Hike & History Tour
Bordner Cabin
75th Anniversary Tour of a hand-hewn log cabin in Rustic Style Architecture made from logs and stone found on the site. Perfectly placed along Rattling Run and Aycrigg's Falls, the Bordner Cabin is our Falling Water.


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