The Great Outdoors of PA are upon us!!  Check our our calendar and see what outdoor recreation activities are being taught through Get Outdoors PA.  Never shot a bow and arrow before but would like to give it a try?  Feel comfortable fishing from the shore of a stream but have never tried from a boat?  Decide which activity you are interested in pursuing and learn more about how to get involved.


Target Shooting

Target Shooting is a life sport that can be fun for individuals of all ages. While it can be the means to sharpening one’s hunting skills, many enjoy the sport for the thrill of precision competition.




Backpacking turns an ordinary hiking experience into an adventure. You’ll explore remote areas of Pennsylvania’s parks and forests and open spaces while carrying your supplies on your back and camping in tents or shelters.




Biking is one of the best ways to get out and experience our beautiful outdoors. Pennsylvania offers a great selection of biking opportunities. If you want to ride a level trail or mountain bike track through the backcountry, we’ll provide tech support and riding tips to help get you back on your wheels.



Bird and Wildlife Viewing

Pennsylvania’s lands are some of the best destinations in the country to observe hundreds of species of wildlife and birds, from eagles to elk, ducks to deer. Travel with an expert to learn how to sharpen your listening skills and add to your list of mammals or birds. 




Bring the whole family on an outdoor adventure and enjoy one of America’s favorite pastimes.  Learn firsthand how to put up tents, watch camp cooking demonstrations, and tackle the tricks to fire building and staying dry.



Rock Climbing

For the more adventuresome, climbing puts a new perspective on the outdoors. Learn the basics of rock climbing, safety, and equipment through instructional learning and actual climbing and rappelling.



Cross-Country Skiing

Peace and tranquility abound in the winter in parks, forests and other lands. Trip leaders take the worry out of where to go. In addition to the obvious fitness benefits, cross-country skiing is an excellent way to observe nature and makes a great family activity. 




Learn a lifelong hobby that you may enjoy on your own or with your kids and grandkids.  From shaded streams to stocked lakes, you don’t have to go far in Pennsylvania to catch the “big one.” For a full calendar of fishing events statewide visit




Geocaching is hiking with a techie twist. Using hand-held GPS units, you’ll search for a hidden “cache” or treasure box located at specific coordinates – a perfect way to merge today’s high technology with outdoor skills.




From short wildflower walks, to more strenuous treks through the forests, guided hiking trips are one of the most popular activities offered through Get Outdoors PA. Trip leaders add interest by pointing out natural features and fascinating facts.  Hikes vary in length and difficulty.




Join the legions of people discovering the joys of connecting with the water. Paddling will give you a new perspective on nature and allow you to discover places you never knew existed. Learn kayak,canoe or stand up paddle basics before heading to the calm waters of our parks and open lands. 



Nature Photography

Do your pictures from your last outdoor trip not quite do the outdoors justice? Learn from professionals on how to capture the beauty of wildlife and nature, so you can forever preserve the wonderful memories of your outdoor adventures.




Called "the art of map and compass reading," this recreational activity dates back more than 100 years by using “low-tech” tools to navigate the landscape. Often set as a timed challenge, orienteering is a fun way to exercise and build wilderness survival skills. 




Don't let deep snow hold you back from your winter treks. Snowshoes make it easy to traverse the powder, whether you are walking or running. Some programs even teach you how to make your own snow shoes! 



Wilderness Survival

Learn basic survival skills: how to keep yourself warm and fed in the wilderness.  Learn how to properly construct a natural shelter, make fire, collect water, try wild edibles, and more.




Hunting is an activity that is woven into Pennsylvania's culture. There are close to a million hunters that take to Penn's Woods each year to connect with nature, spend time with family and pursue their favorite game. Join Pennsylvania's hunting ranks and learn why this activity is so popular in the Keystone state.